Three top board games and puzzles for
the best Family Game Night

family game night

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CNN created a list of 20 board games and puzzles to consider for your family game night. We enjoyed the list, and we found our 3 favorites:

#1 Pictionary Air ($15.69;

Pictionary Air adds a new virtual layer to the household game. Instead of drawing with pen and paper, you load up the companion app and draw in the air with a magic pen to get your team to guess the clue. This 2020 Game of the Year will have you up and drawing every night of the week.

#2 Throw Throw Burrito ($24.97;

From the minds behind Exploding Kittens comes another game you never knew you needed: Throw Throw Burrito. A combination of cards and dodgeball, this high-flying game can act as a way to destress and let out some energy while you’re cooped up.

#3 Spot It! ($7.99;

Hone your observation skills and reflexes with Spot it! All you have to do is find the matching symbol on two cards before anyone else. Plus, there are five ways to play to keep it fresh and engaging every night of the week.

Februar 26th, 2021

A game night to celebrate Black History Month and Beyond...